Who Are We?

HATCH, an impact purpose initiative by Social Ventures Hong Kong, aims to redefine the "Made in Hong Kong" culture by bringing local brands and women with diverse background together in a co-working factory space. We employ women as HATCH Talents, providing them with a family-friendly and flexible working model as well as career- building opportunities that create room for personal growth and social ladders out of poverty.

Spools of Thread

Our Vision

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Possibilities of Space

Co-working Factory Space

A factory space that bridges different partners to co-work and co-create together.

Family-friendly Measures

Arranging family-friendly flexible working hours for HATCH Talents. The Children's Playroom accommodates women who choose to bring young children to work. Parents support is also offered by Specialists-in-Residence.

Women's Potential

A "Hatching platform" that employs women from underprivileged families as HATCH Talents and creates opportunities that broaden women's vision, job skills and career paths.

Broaden Vision

Talks - Workshops - Field Trips - Family Engagement -

Personal Coaching etc.

Broaden Job Skills

Skills Enhancement -

Work Experience in Major Brands - Personal Portfolio Building -

Train-the-trainers etc.

Broaden Career Paths

Personal Network-building - Career Coaching - Job Promotions - Micro-coop Set-up - Entrepreneurship etc.

Local Industrialization

Establishing " HATCH-Made in Hong Kong" products with quality and enriched social values.

Short-term Engagement

One-off Events - Small Quantity Orders - Making of Prototypes - Product Customization

Long-term Engagement

Become a member for regular use of HATCH co-working factory space; partner with us to groom skilled talents and support women in pursuing their dream careers.