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Our residential partners

Quotes from partners

For Start-ups

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Residential membership: 

Regular support on administration and rostering

basic charge $2,600 per month*

*Depending on space usage and support needed


Project based support:

Suitable on prototyping stage, seasonal support etc.

basic charge $80 per hour*

*Minimal 40+ hours

Why partner with HATCH?
  • Lower cost high impacts by co-use of space, manpower and administration

  • Made with Hong Kong: Focus on connections,collaboration and partnership

  • Flexible and impactful engagements with mums

  • Holistic administration and production support (with training by partners)

  • Potential Partnership with WE+ impact lifestyle platform 

Criteria of partnership
  • Having high consciousness of community impacts e.g. on sustainability / empowerment / ethical consumption etc.

  • Celebrating collaboration and the essence of co-working

  • Willing to provide training and work (or jobcation) opportunities to mums 

  • Enabling mums to pursue for their goals and dreams

"I am a mum. I think HATCH provides a happy working environment to mums. Mums also pick up fast!" - Vincci, Founder of Heritage Refashioned

"HATCH allows our brand to be more localised - HK brand, HK made" - Representative of Airland

HATCH is recruiting regular partners, both residential and project based.

If you are looking for a (non) regular work / production space and support, please email us for more details.

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