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Jobcation (Pilot initiative powered by HATCH)

3 months placements for mothers to build practical experience at an actual work setting



• As a springboard for mothers who had left workforce for 5+ years to pick up momentum
• Working with mothers to plan for a sustainable work-family-life balance engagement model 
• Matching social-minded partners to fulfill their short-term manpower needs (with potentials to extend work engagements afterwards)

Journey of Jobcation:

jobcation journey.JPG

Target Participants:

  • HATCHing mums recruited / referred by community partners

  • Mothers with relatively more adequate support from the family and accessed high readiness for job placements

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Looking for partners who are :

  • With practical needs for manpower support

  • Prepared to provide mentorship and training

  • Happy to trial and committed throughout

  • With opportunities that are practical for mothers to engage for a short period of time (from 1-3 months)

  • Support Family-friendly measures at work (e.g. Flexi-working hours, job sharing, work from home or child-friendly working environment etc.)

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