Your Dreams HATCH here!

HATCH Co-working Factory

HATCH, an impact purpose initiative by Social Ventures Hong Kong, aims to redefine the "Made in Hong Kong" culture by bringing local brands and women from under-privileged families together in a co-working factory space. We employ women as HATCH Talents, providing them with a family-friendly flexible working model as well as career- building opportunities that create room for personal growth and social ladders out of poverty.


Possibilties of Space

Co-working Factory Space

A factory space that bridges different partners to co-work and co-create together.

Family-friendly Measures

Arranging family-friendly flexible working hours for HATCH Talents. The Children's Playroom accommodates women who choose to bring young children to work. Parents support is also offered by Specialists-in-Residence.


Women's Potential

A "Hatching platform" that employs women from underprivileged families as HATCH Talents and creates opportunities that broaden women's vision, job skills and career paths.

Broaden Vision

Talks - Workshops - Field Trips - Family Engagement -

Personal Coaching etc.

Broaden Job Skills

Skills Enhancement -

Work Experience in Major Brands - Personal Portfolio Building -

Train-the-trainers etc.

Broaden Career Paths

Personal Network-building - Career Coaching - Job Promotions - Micro-coop Set-up - Entrepreneurship etc.


Local Industrialization

Establishing " HATCH-Made in Hong Kong" products with quality and enriched social values.

Short-term Engagement

One-off Events - Small Quantity Orders - Making of Prototypes - Product Customization

Short-term Engagement

Become a member for regular use of HATCH co-working factory space; partner with us to groom skilled talents and support women in pursuing their dream careers.